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Curls & Skittles (Larry Oneshot)


A/N: I really, really, loved writing this! Based off of the following prompt from a lovely anon: okay i’ve asked others for this before but no one has written it so i’m going to ask you: can you do a larry where they have a kid with a surrogate and so, obviously, the kid doesn’t have both of their DNA but they asked not to be told whose sperm was actually used when the surrogate got preggo but then as it gets older it looks like one of them and then the other one is really upset by it until the one that it does look like comforts the other by showing him how the kid is like him personality wise or whatever. fluffy and cute and whatnot?! i don’t care who is who in the relationship but it’s larry, did i mention that before?! sorry, if this is complicated or confusing or whatever but i hope you can write it? thanks!


Louis peeled his eyes away from his laptop when he heard giggling coming from across the room.  When he did he saw Harry carrying their son, Keaton, and tickling him in his sides with his free hand while kissing the boy on his nose to elicit the precious giggles.  When he laughed, Keaton’s beautiful dirty blonde curls bounced around his face and his eyes lit up, though you could barely see them because his smile was so wide it pushed his cheeks up to crinkle his eyes nearly shut.

Keaton was squirming in Harry’s arms, desperately trying to get away when he spotted Louis, smiling softly at the pair, completely lost in his thoughts.

“Da-deee! Help!” Keaton outstretched his arms in Louis’ direction, still kicking his legs away at Harry, trying not to laugh.

“Oh no you don’t, your dad isn’t gonna save you, mister!”  Harry continued his tickle-assault on his son and lifted him high in the air above his head, running for the couch that Louis was sitting on, “Lou, help me get him, tickle his feet!”  Louis happily obliged, tickling his son’s little feet and educing a happy screech from the young boy.

“Daaaaaadeeeeeeeee! Noooooooooo!” the boy was laughing impossibly harder now, clutching his tummy with the pleasant pain of too much glee.  His fathers finally resigned their attack on him and Keaton inhaled as much air as his little lungs could muster before crawling onto Louis’ lap and cupping his small hand around the man’s cheek. His lips curled into a frown and the skin on his forehead contorted into a confused and angry bunch of lines.

“Daddy, you no help.  Mad at you, daddy,” he lightly swatted his father’s face and then crossed his arms across his chest in an angry sigh, still wearing the scowl on his face.

“Awh, Keaton, I’m sorry.”  Louis pushed his bottom lip out into a genuine pout, “I’ve got an idea of how to make it up to you though,” he leaned forward and whispered into Keaton’s ear something that made the boy clap his hands excitedly.

“Yes!” he shouted, still clapping and bouncing on Louis’ lap giddily.  Louis chuckled low in his throat and lifted Keaton off of his lap.  He shouted ‘Now!’ and both he and Keaton launched themselves at Harry, tickling his sides.

“Hey! No fair! Keaton!”  Harry yelped but allowed himself to be pinned down by his son and his husband, only putting up a measly little fight before giving in completely to the laughter bubbling up in his throat.  When Louis and Keaton decided that he had had enough and stopped tickling him, Harry caught his breath and kissed his husband.  “You’re gonna pay for that one later, babe,” he whispered lowly into Louis’ ear before giving him another quick peck on the lips.  Much to the delight of Keaton, Harry’s attention now returned solely to the young boy.  He picked him up once more, declaring that it was time for bed and carried him into his room.  Usually Keaton would fight to stay awake, but all the rough-housing with his fathers had completely worn him out so he clung to Harry and yawned in acquiescence. 

Louis watched the pair walk out of the room and closed his eyes.  He remembered when he and Harry had decided they wanted a kid.  Well, they had always known that they wanted a child, it was more of a when decision than an if one, but he remembered the day that they decided it was the right time.  They found the perfect surrogate mother, a beautiful woman by the name of Ally who had blonde hair and hazel eyes.  She was tall and thin and had freckles and a wonderful personality, the perfect person to biologically mother their child.  Both he and Harry had donated their sperm to the cause, implanting two fertilized eggs into Ally’s womb, and, when only one egg had come to fruition, the two had determined that it was best not to know who was the biological father of that baby and decided against genetic testing.  When Keaton was born he had no hair and his eyes were bluer than blue, and everyone was sure that he was Louis’, but no one said anything.  But as Keaton got older, his eyes got darker and changed color completely, his hair grew into beautiful curly locks, and when he smiled he had the most wonderful little dimples.  He was tall, taller than most kids his age and he was all Harry. Keaton was gorgeous, yes, and god, did Louis love that boy, but a part of him harbored so much jealousy of Harry and so much worry that Keaton would get older and he would know that Louis wasn’t really his dad and he would, well, Louis wasn’t sure how that would affect his relationship with his son, but he was scared that it wouldn’t be a good thing.

But Louis was pulled away from his deep thoughts when Harry called to him from inside their son’s bedroom, followed by a shout from Keaton, begging his dad to come tuck him into bed.  Louis stood and wiped the tears that had leaked from his eyes though he hadn’t even been aware that he had been crying in the first place, and plastered a smile on his face before he entered his son’s room.  He looked at Keaton, all nestled in his too-big-for-him queen sized bed, waiting with his favorite book in his hand.  Harry was seated next to the young boy and if he noticed Louis’ tear-streaked cheeks he kept his mouth shut.

“What are we reading tonight, love?”  Louis asked his son as he crawled onto the bed next to him.

“Harry Podder,” Keaton announced proudly, shoving the book at his father.  Once Louis began to read, Keaton snuggled down into his pillows, made himself completely comfortable, and passed out in mere minutes.  Louis continued to read the book while Keaton’s snoring went completely unnoticed.

“Lou?” Harry placed his hand on Louis’ shoulder to get his attention.  When Louis looked up at him, Harry could see tears forcing their way to the surface of Louis’ beautiful blue eyes.  He immediately knelt beside his husband, taking Louis’ hand in his own, and quietly asked him what was wrong.

“Nothing, m’fine.”

“No. Don’t do that. Don’t shut me out.  I saw you when you walked in here you were upset and now you’re crying, Lou, what’s going on? Are you alright?” The concern in his voice was thick, almost palpable and Louis couldn’t help but smile at that. 

“I love you.”

“I love you too, Lou.  Talk to me,” Harry kissed Louis on the temple and urged him on, “what’s this about?”

Louis’ thoughts danced around his head and he bit his lip in contemplation over how best to phrase his words.  It wasn’t as though he was intentionally hiding his feelings from Harry, he just didn’t know how to tell his other half that he was incredibly jealous of him and that he felt like their son wasn’t his son.  Honestly, how does one go about telling someone that?

He chewed his bottom lip and mulled over his words for a few more seconds before whispering, “Keaton’s yours, Harry,” and averting his eyes from his husband’s gaze for the second time that night.  Harry took a deep breath but said nothing, so Louis repeated himself.

“Keaton’s yours, Harry, he’s not mine.”  This time, Louis looked directly into his husband’s eyes.

“Lou, don’t say that.  Keaton is just as much your son as he is mine.”

“No. No, Harry, he’s not.  Look at him, that child is all you.  That child is all you and Ally, there is none of me in him.” He dropped his eyes once more as the tears started to stream down his face.  Harry put his hand under Louis’ chin and gently nudged it to bring Louis’ eyes to meet his own.  He wiped the tears from Louis’ red cheeks and kissed him on the forehead.

“Louis. Are you being serious?  Keaton-“

“Of course I’m being serious, Harry, I’m not stupid!” he yelled these words and Keaton stirred beside them so he quieted his voice before continuing, “I’m not stupid Haz, look at him.  He’s got your hair, and your smile, even your fucking dimples.  Harry, he’s so tall and it’s all in his torso! If you were 3 years old, you’d look EXACTLY like that!  That’s not me, there’s not a bit of me over there!”  Louis gestured towards the sleeping figure at his left and bit back a whine at the sight of the small boy, curled in on himself with one hand tucked underneath his head and the other caressing the pillow directly beside his face, “Christ, Haz, he even sleeps exactly like you!”

“Louis. I. Please, babe, just breathe for a second okay?”  Harry ran his hand through his curls, debating his words, but keeping his eyes locked on his husband the entire time.

“Okay, Louis, you’re right, genetically, Keaton is mine.  But everything else about that boy is you.  Did you know, in the mornings he picks out his clothes based on what you’re wearing that day?  Just yesterday he pulled out his red pants and I handed him a solid gray t-shirt to put on and he told me no.  Do you want to know why he said no, Lou?” Louis nodded his head slowly. “He looked right at me and he said ‘No, daddy’s wearing blue. I wear blue too.’”

Louis bit back a smile, his eyes sending an unspoken ‘really?’ in Harry’s direction.

“Yes. I promise you he really said that.  And you know what else, Lou, he asked me to watch Grease the other day.  I wanted to put in The Lion King but he wouldn’t let me, he said that you would want to watch Grease when you got home so that’s what he wanted to watch.”  Harry looked over at his sleeping son and smiled a smile that only a father could wear, and returned his eyes to Louis’ face.  Louis looked both so pained and so proud at the same time, but he wasn’t happy yet, he wasn’t convinced yet, so Harry pushed on.

“You don’t see it, Lou, but when the two of you are eating breakfast in the morning and you’re watching the telly, he’s watching you.  And when you’re getting ready in the bathroom, he’s in our room, mimicking your every move, pretending to shave or to brush his teeth.”

“No he’s not, come off it Haz,” Louis chuckled, tears no longer falling in pain but in joy.

“I swear it, babe, he is. You know I caught him pretending to read Harry Potter the other day, and the funniest thing was he doing all the voices, just the way you do when you read it to him.  And that’s another thing, Lou, he won’t sleep until you’ve read him a story goodnight, not me, only you.”

Harry smiled at Louis, who was now wearing a beautiful grin of his own.  He placed his large hand on Louis’ knee and squeezed it gently.

“That boy loves you, Louis.  You’re his daddy.  He might look like me, but everything he does is you.”  Harry planted a kiss on his husband’s lips.  At this the pair stood up, took turns leaving fatherly kisses on Keaton’s forehead and ruffling his soft curls, and left the room hand in hand.

“Thank you, Haz.”

“I love you, Louis.  And so does Keaton.  Don’t you ever forget that, okay?”  The couple shared another kiss in the hallway outside their bedroom and continued on their way, readying themselves for bed.

That night, Louis went to sleep with a smile on his face.  And in the morning he called in sick to work and woke Keaton up early to make him his favorite breakfast.  He let the young boy stir the pancake batter and put the chocolate chips in them in the shape of a smiley face.  After breakfast Louis asked his son to help him pick out an outfit for the day, which the child did enthusiastically, purposefully picking out clothes that he knew he could imitate in his own wardrobe.  Louis took Keaton to the movies and when he let him pick the candy, Keaton’s small hands flew over the chocolate and the gummies and landed right on the sour skittles, Louis’ favorite candy.  Louis spent the entire day with his son, taking in every little thing about the boy that he usually skipped over.  Sure, Keaton may have curly hair and green eyes.  His smile might put dimples in his cheeks and his body may be all torso.  But his favorite color was red and he had a thing for stripes.  He could hum along to all of the songs in Grease and he’d rather eat breakfast for every meal than anything else.  And years later, when Keaton would leave the house on his first date, he would accept the high five from Harry, and wrap his arms around Louis in a hug.  When he went to get his driver’s permit, it would be Louis’ car that he asked to drive.  And when he married the girl of his dreams, he would thank both of his fathers for loving him unconditionally, but it was Louis that he would still call ‘Daddy.’ 


-Ellie (:
I really hope you like this, because I’m actually rather proud of it! 

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